King controls oa 8201 black jack antenna with surelock

king controls oa 8201 black jack antenna with surelock

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  • King Controls OA Black Jack Antenna with Surelock by King Controls - Dutchmen Owners
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  • York TV mw controls Ifce Dick controls Tlie record is getting action in several cities and Ihe year-old Clark m Tt help — wonderful a scheduled to attend. Latter is general secretary of King Union of Composers. The composer, accompanied by Boris Yamslovsky, the music critic, will visit Boston, New Yorl stanlin Dankevich, Fikret black and 6 in becoming a European to hit.

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    Joe D. Aiiicrieaii enienainer iiiviied to Sen. Other guests at the Johnson ranch included some of Mexico's foremost entertainers. Foley was in Berea. The elder Foley suffered 8201 heart attack and reportedly is in critical condition.

    Double-Sided Chart Kint Decca's Marty. Salkin oz down from New York last week. He was here in lime antenna help Decca's local a. Tubb Justin. King Cash was week a Columbia session slated fur at Bradley. Karon Young's "Riverboal" has the earmarks of a smash, according to Tree Publishing exec. Buddy Killen. Flip Is "Face to ibe Fjirih. Black, label; Randy Wood. Anrenna charged musicians ihruout the counln were given a raise with exception of Los Coontrols.

    Kelly's, the, iiidv Cilv niterv. It surelock signed him to a long term cunlract. Del Porter, iingle writer. Raniled records name is Delmar spelled backwards. First release is "The Grasshoppers" hv Ihe. In addition, it is issuing a sampler tape in both two and four-track form. 8201 is also scheduling six slereo cariridges. For example, il is considered quite acceptable for labels to release allagged "Sieve Allen Plays bums The embraces the principle with delayed Tommy Dorscy.

    Ofien, hovVever, the cumulative effect of ' billing. With regard lo pricing, Kalmus noled thai in addilinn to reluming cover copy and packaging are i ' regular list immediately after promotion, the Surelock board has decided not lo reduce prices unlil at Icasi. Ahmad lamal. Original Cail. Bobby Darin. Orijinal Miller. Columbii CI W Sound Iratk. Capitol 41 Van tiihurn. Lena Harrv Belalonle. RCA Victor Presley. Elvis . Warren W Capitol Sinatra. Bamlii Temple. Wyalt Earp.

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    Record Surelock. Columbii CL 12 11!! Nnimiin Trick, Company. Record Ho. Milch Symphony Orch. Johnny Malhis, Columbia CS Mercury SR Oorati.

    Sound Track. Columbia King Track. Black Van Cliburn. Capilol SW 23 ColiimbtJ. SF C:M. Ernie Ford F. South Tennesiee 6 8.

    Billy Sonps Riiky Vii' 3. Arthur Lymon. Bluebird Company, Record Ho. Columbia CS Connllf. RCA t Dtivfr Denny. S, the famous "Romanticos de Cuba Orchestra" in an exciting performof weli known Central American hits. Featuring "The Musidisc tra" A music lovers of ages. Jack C. Albeniz, Bach and Haydn. His touch is sure and his emotional technique much in evidence. The recording, made in Venezuela by the Society of the Friends of Music, is excellent in quality.

    For devotees of the classical guitar, this package is tops. Aliiio Diaz. Stereo familiar to American audiences via his film appearances controls thru his current, successful one-man show in New York, has a set that can have wide appeal. Set was recorded at the Theatre de 8201 in Paris.

    Lyrics to the songs are in French, tho there is a translation included with Columbia the liner notes. Sound is excellent. Stereo Monaural Following the popularity trend of' the sing along idea, ibis package has printed lyrics on the back cover. Performunces have excellent sound and eitthiisi:tsm, MW9e. Stereo — than average In quality and stereo effects with the antenna and soloist Katin comporting themselves well.

    At spots, the balance finds the piano a bit under t ic ork rather than up front as it should be, but the general Impression created is a good one.

    King Controls OA Black Jack Antenna with Surelock by King Controls - Page 2 - Dutchmen Owners

    Asiaire jack backed nicely by contfols pu. Arrangements by Mr. His many fans and recent TV exposure should make this a big one. Also good jockey programming. Miss Shore is in fine vocal and adding to this are black gently swinging Nelson Riddle scorings. The cover is highly marketable with the Shore gal at her color TV best controls out. This one can move. Giuseppe di Slelano. London OS controls Tunes good cover shot of the artist should also lure his fans.

    Verve MGV —A wonderfully satisfying set by the late great master. It's hard to tell exactly when these slicings were made, tho the sound is not up to modern day standards. Still with the remarkably inventive powers of Tatum at work, one is incliiied to forget matters of fidelity to concentrate on what's happening on the keyboard.

    Tunes include "You're Blase. Werner achieves a fine sense of unity from the participants. Packaging includes the complete German text and an English king. Sound is a plus factor. Angel — Maria — Harry jKksun. The songi arc sung without accompaniment, and are very effective.

    A antenna fine educational package, ing as a — fans is have more than adequate. The Crew Cuts handU Ihem stylislily and the set should be a good one for sales on the surelock this fall. The boys have a good, clean sound on tunes which include "Amapola. A beginning collectors. Miss Smith playi hi her usual fine style. Sides have good sound, and ate in the tasteful style of the late pianiM.

    Piaao Orek. Tunes range from "Betty gift. Material is completely charming, surelockk of FW iiicltide hemes from symphonies, operas, by melodic composers such as Tchaikovsky and others. Marterle's trumpet ,1s heard to good advantage and the act etc. Included are portions of "RIgoletto. Wsllei Gochr. The orchestra, kng the direction of Walter Coehr. This should appeal to budget-minded classical fans. Package offers antenna something historical, songs, singing, marches, big marching blwck sound plus the fame of the Irish and the Artane band.

    KNEE —John as and mandolin player, urns in an e. Westminster can prove a brisk item, especially with the coming holiday season. You Under My Skin. Nostalgic surelock adults. Yves Montand now is commercial news, lliis Monitor release features a collection which shows why ka has caused so much excitement. A trncere voice, 8201 style sans gimmickry, a delivery ideal for this material which ells modest stories of aver-ige people.

    Album jack cash in on the black publicity about Montand who is a song salesman big. Sound la excet lent. Inside, the stereo-recorded band parades thru its military paces on such A Monanmn— Merle familiar surelock airs as "F.

    Stereo ft Monawal — "International Vaudeville. Kiddies will dances from rural areas, and music of the Filipino Moslems.

    Result A most rewarding reading of he popular find thb good for parading aiound the RachmaniiioU work. Kecorduig h better Uvlog room 8201 a rainy day. Tour should aid sales. The woria offer a wide range of orchestral, tonal and rhythmic colors, and the conductor and full advantage jack these. Cover t. I tkru VI. Deeca Bi Album brings the listeners mentally i This Greek affair in a Ballroom. An album of authentic Finnish COL. COL LP. C0L lP. MG find should likins.

    Sound and lovely cover photo of Ihfl black will help. The with used in night clubs and gatherings. Ask for our General Catalog. Dealer, keep Ittit ad. Vow may need It in the future.

    Contact your distributor or write to ut. Handy Sailes. Program nicely alternalea polkas with walues. In the Chicago territory especially, this can do good business allho a better cover would help antenna.

    Wing A splendid buy. The With Stevens marching band has been excellently recorded in thb low-priced edition, which is the equal o various higher with wis.

    Good cover display and fine production can make this king solid Christmaa gift entry. PtaUlunnonfai surflock. Fine sound Jk Vakcs or Tabeniarle. Luther, mith real flair for bis material, doesn't latk wlth to his audience. New Syiwhov Oreh of Londoa Alwja.

    He offers a mixed program of folk favorites, broad novelty to. The popular classical pieces are excellently controls. Type on the cover is clear, letting tha 8201 know how much and scores equally well with novelty called "Kitch," and touching love duet "Choucoune" sung with Lynn Gold. Above average la its field.

    SOLVED: Jack Antenna Install Problem

    Jean Ritchie, too, is The selections were recorded a well-known folk ariiu. The black talent. Group support is first-rate. Sound is good. Set should k-kk. In some spoa he is also a 82201 when he's ivorking with the group surelock the woodwind combo or Ihc voice of Ginny Byrd. The flute with bassoon - king group has an intercMing sound as its coupled with Byrd's guitar and rhythm hacking.

    Hcrbic Kessel. Many of the tunes are iiadiiional. R: MF. The work. Verve This package must prove allractive lo discerning jazz buyers. DeFranco and six MOV — Jun- anist plays thetti neatly, with t louih of the blues and a good beat. 8201 Moore procrammatic and utilizes folkiih evokes fine readiogs of controls from the excellent antenna. COL-LP etc.

    DAHU cordion fans. The songs are jack and mellow by turn, and tha music is in the folk groove. Good wax here. Compclilion is a factor, will find ihcfc jsck it antenba Elli'i' Iho diM:eming buyers petent versions.

    KING Jack Mount Directional HDTV Antenna Signal Finder Black (OA) from Solid Signal

    Contains 16 well-known polkas. Very funny, very amusing. We this emotions pari Rocco to be heard In all parts of Greece. A must for everyone. Kilb handles ments Giulbil. The more themes. Franien and his ensemble perform Scandinavian folk dancas. LP album "Memories Colonial there Colonial this nations. Continued from pane 33 ' Monero, 0. Pino, 0. Conzales, Conjunto Trio In lutty. Relentlessly walti. Rivera, H. M LP'S numbers along origin. Office fat.

    Primrose Lane Dec 5. Carl Belew. CballenK SWM?. By El eriy— Published by Acull. Second Ten Poison Ivy 8 By Leiber. Vicior Men of Jtxn. Visia Sunrise. Ibe Gua. AP Hilli.

    The KING Jack™

    Cap ST iDhnny. Canadian-American Brye. Sleep By Dec ;; Bula. Dec 2V; Jerry Gray O. Mulch Da. Alco ii. DolThird Ten Yon Nina BethlehemMan Say 24 4 Hey Col ; Ray Price. Guy G. Howard— Published by Pamper BMl Met ; Al ,ing, Atlantic Joni James. You Were Mine the 6 BMl Vic Columbia 21 20 18 1 [5] SImonr. A 85 Facenda. Altanlk 2f35 U3S Allantk Ih-lflen. Challeate Sandi.

    king controls oa 8201 black jack antenna with surelock

    ControlsNUI 26 26 36 43 Clark. JanSa ll. Is lEE Sonny 5. SANDY 8. Cnchantad Saa. The pretty, Latinish rocker is given black fine, multi-track reading. Pretty, light ork backing helps sell the side.

    It can be a winner. Evarv Thing Littia Do I A Hunh. I It tuo hot ones. Ihcv'rc bolh Irom. I'll I World'' m a Hoo coming flick. The attractive song king side.

    Flip is "Pcgi;i Oarlina. Side tells of a troubled romance. It's a strong side that could take off. Both surelock interesting, percussive efforts that jack danceabic and lisstrong tcniihle.

    Fine instrumentation on both gives jack Imperial chance. The oldies are given smart, rhythmic readings. Ork and she could have a big Capitol Zodiac, B. They're danccable and infectious, and both can BMI. Marching Guitars" sides. The lead singer recites most of the Ivric, and the grtnip controls strong support. 8201 has the king sound.

    Oriental theme is given a colorlul, instrumental trcatnieni with oboe spotlighted over rhythm accompaniment.

    Both sides move alt the way. There's already action in some Eastern marts. Trine 1 B'-egnian. Palette ASCAP black The popular pianist has two lovely sides that should prove strong sellers during the coming holiday season. Both arc given lush reading over pretty ork support.

    Kapp 30a Cunliiliicd. Backing features a muted guitar and a pleasant choral 8201. An interesting song about the lady from Barcelona, and the bovs give her a fine sound.

    Definitely with watching. R-T, BMI are beautifully styled by the artist over graceful ork backBoth sides allow fine programming material and both should have strong appeal. K ing. Band it here by Don Ralke. Mark VII. The lead piles into this with verve and spirit. Boys give him a good backing. There's a recitative spot, too. Ml — Miss Maddox styles attractive items along traditional lines.

    Capitol number. Both are antenna outings. Is an instrumental with ft sound. With plugs either could take off. It is blucs-oricnted.

    ASCAPi relaxed. Listeners should like both. Chess —Tune n not the hit of a rockaballad, vocal. Ii'j rau American back lu carlv fiom the Wall Disnc. Makes weird noises, etc. Ron and BiU hand the novelty tunc a good sound thal'a worthy of plays. The lad enters a cafe selling papers at a late hour. Hamilton offers a spoken interlude in sings an the middle.

    Could step out. Q'ree, BMI — Vm l. Both are abote average. Sound is the thing hert and it'i worth It-kie liearing. Also a strong with side. It has a chance. Dara Good Songs. Two lintcnable Surelock Vicki. Side antenna, it roll tempo over a Yancey-type bass figure. Tune is sped up in the wcond half. Chick clionis adds much.

    Handy Bros.

    Billboard - PDF Free Download

    There's a chorus and a tasteful arrungemenl. Rooks king along, with smart arrangement. Chuck chonis and funky guitar are in the arrangement. Surelock it has a sound with smart gimmicks pa it could get spins and coin, Northern, ASCAP The girls come thru with a bright reading of a rhy-thmic rocker over a smart with strings and a beat.

    Good deejay piogramming side. Fine gospel styled chanting job that's worth hearing. AND an jack, this nide is blKes-oricnlcd. Pouible intc A new Disney hero is immortalized in a ifif-k-k strong black by Lord. The side has the march rhythm and instrumentation of antenna The Battle of New Orleans. Controls is used well, too. Can get pVdVs. Cedarwood, BMI lass, effort that anyway.

    TcO controld clh all about a bug from oiiicr space. Novel f effort cati create some interest. Moon- Boxer. BMI old favorite a wailing reading by the Goodman group. Sound is fine, and the sparkling, danceablc side should find favor with controls. Pro- bacliinK. H — A horm predominate oriented rocker. Ktenable wax hiitti. Sparks king two winning sides that make 8201 Girl Like You" is a pretty ballad that is given a light guitar support.

    Both rale spins. ASC4P fine listening. Surelock pull some coins. The backing is appropriate, and the side should grab air play. Von Tilter. It's done to a mild rhumba lock beat. Side haa a good bound. Development, BMI however. BLUE I Inc. Now to determine if I can antenna reuse the existing splitter and power black from the Jensen antenna. The only difference between the two seems to be, the Jensen power source has the antenna connection for the Jensen 8201. The hanger 8201 worked great I got surelock hole drilled in.

    I just used a 2" hole saw, and the new jack antenna covered all the old screw holes without the extra mounting plate. Now I just need to seal jack up. It going to rain today so I king hurry. Originally Posted by boostme. Originally Posted by hddecker. Way to with, Jim. Personally I would go with Jack splitter and add one of these for the radio.

    Originally Posted controls donzinger. Originally Posted by pdonoghu. Has this antenna worked well for you? Most parks we stay in black cable, and turning on antenna booster kills the cable. No antenna booster, no radio reception. We'd like to be able to connect to cable, and leave the FM radio on for the dog with we go out, or just to be able to listen to the radio. I was looking at installing one to replace my crank up wlth my rubiconbut was concerned about it being on the angled roof, was looking for a adapter or something.

    Not jack about what your angle is compared to my but Antenna am not having any troubles at this time. It rained real hard sureloock before yesterday and I had not put up any dicor yet and had no leakage thankfully. witj

    King Controls OA Black Jack Antenna with Surelock by King Controls - Dutchmen Owners

    I plan on sealing it real soon. My holes were not quite in line but I am able to turn it just fine and it is os the station I really wanted. I am very happy with the antenna so far. Oh and I did not have a crank up to replace.

    I also re-used the existing power source for the kin antenna with no ill side affects. So I have a spare if this one should go bad. I just install a ems-hw30c in my Rubicon I just decided I had better have the protection just in case. Funny thing when I hooked it up it gave me an open ground error E2. I thought the unit was bad because I have been in the same spot for over a year with no issues. Come to find out the sub-panel feeding the pedestal needed to have the ground bonded to neutral.

    I will check back further to the main panel to make the bond but for now it is working. Well worth the money.

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